Mayor Julie C. Wilkins

MayorHonorable Julie C. Wilkins, Mayor


Term: August 2021 – August 2026

Julie C. Wilkins is Mayor of the City of LaBelle. She was a dedicated City Commissioner for six years and continues to focus on keeping the public and neighborhoods informed, beyond what is legally required. Her background is in business, specifically real estate. She is a real estate broker and certified general appraiser. She has a bachelor’s in business administration from Florida State University.

One of Wilkins' goals while leading the city as Mayor is to be accessible. She understands the importance of listening to the concerns of residents and our neighbors in the county. “I love the folks in LaBelle. We have such a loving and giving community. We, in government, need to respect our citizens, listen to their concerns and take action. We must also be proactive, planning for improvements and maintaining existing infrastructure.”

Wilkins has a family legacy of leadership and community involvement. She is one of two women ever to be elected mayor of LaBelle. The first one was her mother, Sherri Craichy, fondly known as Mayor Sherri.

Wilkins has lived in LaBelle for over fifty-five years. She is married to Wayne Wilkins, a contractor, and they have reared four children here. She is dedicated to serving the citizens of LaBelle and having a government that is proactive, and responsive to its citizens while maintaining our character.