City of LaBelle Facility Rental

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Facility Rentals:
Reservations for use of the Civic CenterCaptain Hendry House, or Barron Park will be made with the Utility Billing Department located in City Hall at 481 W. Hickpochee Avenue ~ LaBelle, FL 33935 ~ (863) 675-2872 ~

For Information on the James Singleton Building please contact the
Hendry-LaBelle Recreation Board at (863) 675-5252 

We know there are many questions when it comes to event planning and general operations of the facilities. We’ve compiled the most popular frequently asked questions on this page to make your experience more enjoyable.

  • Who can rent the City of LaBelle Facilities?
    • City of LaBelle residents.
    • This does include Port LaBelle, Fort Denaud, Felda, and Muse.
    • LaBelle business owners
  • How far in advance can I reserve/book the facility?
    • We take reservations up to 1 year in advance.
    • Reservations must be made in person and the deposit is required to book the date.
  • What are the Rentals Rates?
    • Civic Center Rent + tax = $2,687.50   Refundable Deposit $500 ~ Total $3,187.50
    • Hendry House Rent + tax = $537.50   Refundable Deposit $250.00 ~Total $787.50
    • Barron Park Rent + tax = $268.75  Refundable Deposit $100.00 ~ Total $368.75
  • Rent + tax must be paid 60 days prior to the event.
  • Payment can be made in cash, money order, or check (must be under the lessee’s name).
    • Sorry no credit cards are accepted for rentals
  • What are the hours of event operation?
    • Saturday and Sunday events must pick up the keys at City Hall any time after 3pm on Friday.
    • Lessee is the ONLY person that can pick up the keys and they must bring their ID.
    • The event must end by midnight.
  • What does not come included with the facility rentals?
    • Tables and chairs DO NOT come included.
  • What other requirements are needed?
    • Certificate of Liability Insurance
    • Security Agreement with the Sheriff’s Department
    • Certification of Crowd Management or Agreement with the Fire Department

*Detailed information about all requirements is included in the rental contract.

  • Captain Hendry House, & Barron Park – alcohol at any event must first be approved by the Commission (meets the second week of every month) with a Special Event Permit
  • All documents must be under the lessee and submitted 60 days prior to the event.
  • Are we allowed to cancel or reschedule the event?
    • Cancellation and rescheduling must be done 6 months prior to the event for Civic Center and 60 days for Captain Hendry House and Barron Park.
    • It must be in writing, and you must bring your ID.
  • Does the City rent its facilities to non-profits and for special events?
    • Yes, non-profits will need to provide their 501-c3.

Events lasting longer than 6 hours, requesting road closure, or alcohol use require a Special Event Permit.

For Information on the James Singleton Building please contact the Recreation Department 863-675-5252